St Paul Lutheran Church
4475 Atlanta Hwy
Montgomery, AL 36109

Online and Mobile giving options from Vanco payment services

  • Online giving, called GiveNow – use the form below below
  • Mobile Giving called Give+
  • For an overview,  visit Vanco for more details

Online Giving (GiveNow) – one time gift or recurring:

One-Time Donation:

  • Select the fund for your offering
    • You may select more than one fund
    • Enter only whole dollars (no cents) 
      • i.e. for $25 dollars, enter 25 (not 25.00)
    • For each fund, you will need to click 'Add Donation'
    • Click 'Next' and you will go to the Payment Method' method page
  • Enter your Credit Card or Checking Account info
    • Click 'Next'
  • The 'Donation Summary' will allow you to review your donation
    • If you would like a receipt, enter your email address
    • If the information is correct, click 'Donate Now'

Recurring Donation:

  • A Vanco account is required
    • If you do not have a Vanco account, create an account by clicking on the 'Sign In/Sign Up' in the upper right hand on the box below.
    • Sign in and enter the the information for your recurring donation

Mobile Giving (Give+) – one time or recurring

Download the free app from App Store or Google Play 

Additionally,  if you would like to use this opportunity to begin using Vanco’s Simply Giving Program please call the church office (272.6214) for an application form.  When your completed form is returned to St Paul your recurring gift can be set up in minutes.  The congregation’s cost for Simply Giving’s automated clearing house service is minimal – dozens of families have used Simply Giving over the years.