What is worship like?
  We have 2 services:
The Traditional service follows the historic liturgy and hymns that are such a rich part of the history of the Lutheran Church.
Our Contemporary service contains many of the same elements as our traditional service while incorporating music that is more modern.
The Lord's Supper is served at both services every Sunday.
What about our kids?
  Bring 'em on.
Kids are members of the family at St Paul. We enjoy having them present as we worship as a family of faith. We make a special effort to ensure that they feel welcome and that there is something in each worship service especially for them.
If you have the need, there is a 'cry room', in the rear of the sanctuary with a window and speaker so you can still be part of the service. A staffed nursey is also available, please see an usher for assistance.
We believe that the sound of children in worship is pleasing to God’s ears and should be to our ears as well.
What should I wear?
  God is interested in your heart not your wardrobe - so a suit and tie, dress, slacks, kimono, shorts, lederhosen, whatever -
We welcome you to come as you are and dress in a way that makes you feel most comfortable to come into the presence of the Lord. For some, that might mean jeans and casual shirts, and for others, pulling out their “Sunday best.”
Everyone is welcome! Dress comfortably!